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Publish on February 7, 2024

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Supporting Rural Values

When Ian Ryan started a law practice in his hometown over 70 years ago, he perhaps didn’t dream that his legacy would live on to this day but in his son, Shane Ryan, it certainly has.

Over the last 30 years, Shane has taken the Ryan commitment to local practice to even greater heights, creating a boutique law firm that thrives on community achievement, supporting rural and regional values.

After several years practicing in large city firms, Shane decided to return to his rural roots in Mildura and was appointed partner at a local law firm. During his time there, Shane focused on public liability claims, accidents both workplace and transport related, and medical negligence matters in Victoria and around Australia.

In 2008, ready to branch out under his own name, Shane established Ryan Legal, a boutique practice dealing exclusively in personal injury claims. In the coming years, Shane has been the solicitor for many high-profile cases including the Cardross tragedy and Kerang rail disaster, and always maintains a keen focus on achieving the best result for his clients.

When Shane isn’t in Court rooms, he can often be found out on the land. With a life-long love for the Australian bush, Shane has owned station country from Hilston to Cobar and across to Broken Hill, and his connection to the ‘red dirt’ is clear to see.

“It’s an opportunity to reflect, clear the mind and see things that you normally wouldn’t, when stuck in an office or bluestone courthouse. I have a passion for horses and it’s my happy place.”

While Shane might be passionate about wide open spaces, he knows the value of a team when it comes to business. He says he’s always surrounded himself with the best people, they know the region, and that’s important.

“I don’t just employ the best we ensure we offer the best service, hence we get results and that is what we thrive on. We’re all about the people we represent, and most cases involve very emotive and stressful situations, we get that and understand the vulnerability it exposes. I think our country values have held us in good stead.”

Beyond representing his clients, Shane also takes his role as mentor to his other staff seriously.

“Experiences can be the best teacher and I have had plenty of peers in the past. I enjoy passing that onto my younger team” Shane says.

Shane’s client base is mainly made up of local people who appreciate his down-to-earth approach, accessibility and his passion for the region and its community.

The main objective for us is a result for our clients and it doesn’t matter how big or small the case is… We watch the big corporate law firms roll in and out of our town; but this is our head office and that is one thing we will never change.”

Editor: Paul Banks

Magazine: Mildura Living Magazine

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