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Dust Disease Claims

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Have you been exposed to asbestos at any stage throughout your life?

Australia has a high rate of mesothelioma diagnosis and other asbestos related illness and disease. If you’ve been exposed to asbestos resulting in a dust disease, you may be entitled to a lump sum compensation claim. Compensation claims relating to asbestos exposure can include - loss of earnings, medical treatment expenses, and impact to wellbeing (pain and suffering).

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Additional workplace related dust diseases that can form the basis of a claim may include:

Byssinosis (eg Farm Workers exposed to cotton dust)

Pneumoconiosis (eg Mine Workers exposed to coal or hard metal dust)

Chronic Farmer’s Lung (From exposure to hay dust or mould spores)

Silicosis and Silico-tuberculosis (eg A grinder/welder exposed to crystalline silica dust)

Unlike many other compensation claims, asbestos and dust related claims may still be possible even if:

You are, or were previously, a smoker

You no longer work for the same employer or location as when you were exposed

You were exposed in the course of your employment across numerous employers

The employer with which you were employed when exposed has gone out of business

You were exposed in another State or Territory, or exposure occurred in more than one State or Territory

Exposure was a long time ago

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If you’ve been medically diagnosed with an asbestos related illness

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