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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s keep it simple. Here are some of our most asked questions answered below. At Ryan Legal, our aim is to provide clear concise advice and nothing more.

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How can we help you?

Parking for an appointment with one of our Mildura Lawyers?

Here is 2 hour signed parking surrounding the building and alternatively, all-day parking available in Pine Avenue, Mildura.

Where to find Ryan Legal?

We are on the corner of Langtree Avenue and Ninth Street, Mildura.

What is the benefit to being with Ryan Legal?

Being a small firm, our greatest marketing method is to get the best outcome for our clients. Even though we are Mildura Lawyers we use the most skillful experts from around the Country to ensure your claim is properly prepared, every single time.

Do you do in-person appointments?

Yes! The beauty of our firm being local, you can schedule an appointment with our Mildura Lawyers in our office. Don’t worry, we also offer phone consults and Zoom appointments, if you prefer.

Does that include disbursements?

You will be responsible for funding disbursements on your case however, this doesn’t mean you have to bear the cost alone. We can guide you through your best options and apply for funding on your behalf, where necessary.

Do I have to pay for the legal advice upfront?

No. We act on a “no win, no fee basis” and you will not be charged until the successful completion of your matter.

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